Walking & Hiking

Chalet Compagnie Nature is one ideal destination for walking and hiking. Spend time in the Ardennes enjoying varied landscapes and old villages. There is much to see between the Ardenne, the Famenne and the Calestienne. Each of these regions is different. You can tell it by the changes in the land. Forests, meadows, wood stands and high hills, canyons and rivers, all this diversity bring contrast to the landscape.

Durbuy is an old village with a medieval atmosphere. It is considered one of the most beautiful places in Belgium. It is located just a short stroll from the chalet. Take more time and explore the Caves of Hotton and three of the most beautiful villages in Wallonia: Ny, Weris, and Chardeneux.

There are two grand castles a little further away. The Castle of La Roche-en-Ardenne is the oldest and a great example of the typical chateau fort. It was first built in the IXth century. The Castle of Modave is another one if you’re looking for something more splendorous. Its construction was inspired by the typical French royal architecture of the XVIIth century.