There are many hikes and lots to see in the Ardennes. We will help you chose your trail using the many maps and guidebooks available at the chalet. Walking trails take you through the Woods of Petit Han, along the Ourthe and Aisne Rivers, to the Rock of Herou and to the Neolithic stone fields of Weris. Go hiking in the Ardenne forests and on the fine meadows of the Calestienne. Visit the boscage and some of the most beautiful villages in Wallonia. Take a look at the map.

We are located in a pretty region indeed. Walking trips start just 2 minutes away from the chalet. There are countless trails crisscrossing the country through the Condroz, the Famenne, the Calestienne, and the Ardenne. Explore diverse landscapes in a well preserved environment. The natural and cultural heritage is rich with history. The natural environment bears a variety of soil and habitat. You’ll see changes in the land everywhere you go.

Most tracks go in loop. Some of the villages nearby are truly exceptional: Durbuy, Ny, Weris, Chardeneux, Marche-en-Famenne. The region is well-known in Belgium because it holds many great places that are well protected. Nature, history and authenticity are words often used to describe the region. The Two Ourthes National Park is a short drive away. Enjoy walking in the Woods of the Famenne Country and in the Forest of Saint-Hubert. These are terrains where you may spot wild boars, roe deer’s, badgers and the most charismatic of all: stags.

The chalet offers an ideal setting for great outdoor holidays. Enjoy the soothing atmosphere of the place after a day outside. We prepare breakfast every morning and a healthy meal for supper. Walk freely on the many trails or join an excursion with the nature guide. He will show you nature like you’ve never seen it before.

Whether you prefer a short family walk or a long trek, we recommend you take comfortable walking shoes, a light backpack, a water bottle, a waterproof jacket, and some snacks in case you get a little hungry along the way. We can also arrange a picnic for you to bring for lunch.