Nature guide

See the natural world with an extra dimension. The nature guide ® is passionate about showing you the diversity of species and natural habitats in our environment. He will help you identify the plants and trees. He will help you recognize some of the most common bird songs. Learn about ecology in the outside where it is happening. Hear about the wonders and dramas of the ecosystem. Don’t miss the experience. Excursions are profiled to your own interest and to every season.

Some example of excursions you may want to take with the nature guide:

  • Go outside and discover the biodiversity of the meadow. The Calestienne is an exceptional environment that was shaped by early peasants a long time ago. They practiced slash and burn agriculture. It allows them to grow crops on poor soil. The land changed over time into lush pasture. It became the perfect habitat for a rich diversity of plants. Orchids and rare plants are often seen in the Calestienne.
  • Take a field expedition and learn about the ecology of the forest. We will explore different types of forests, all with their own distinctiveness. They offer a refuge for many animals living in the area. This excursion is aimed at better recognizing the most common forest species and to learn about the most important ecological processes at stake. We’ll also discuss forestry management in the Belgian Ardennes.
  • Bird watchers have their own tour! We’ll take our binoculars and explore different habitats where birds are best seen. The region offers birders the chance to see Birds There are many birds that are only seldom seen elsewhere. We’ll take the time to listen to bird songs and we’ll try to recognize which bird is singing. We’ll share clues that make it easier to recognize different bird species. We will spot many tits, finches, thrushes, wrens, warblers, nuthatches, woodpeckers, water birds, and many more.
  • Falls is the best time of the year to hear the stags roar. First we will talk about the life of the red deer, antlers, what they eat and where they hide. Then we will go into its natural habitat where we have the best chance of spotting it. It is truly spectacular to hear the roaring of the stags when night falls over the Ardenne forest.